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Monday, May 3, 2021


North Wales Road Runners returned to live group activities last Tuesday evening as they once again enjoyed active training sessions at West Shore. The group then ran clockwise around the Great Orme.

If anyone wants to join in with training sessions organised by Mark Jessett or Kevin Slattery the group meet at 7pm each Tuesday (at present) at the West Shore car park. When normal sessions return for groups of 30 or more are finally approved, following Covid-19 restrictions,  the club will return to Ysgol John Bright at the same day and time. 

Kevin remarked: 'Celebrating the start of the return to normality, 12-members, including "new" member (back in the club after quite a few years!) Peter Armstrong, we ran around the Great Orme in cracking evening weather. Many thanks to Kelly and Vicky for tail-running, and to Mark Jessett for putting the route and covid safety details on the Facebook page.'

*See the club website or Facebook page for further details.

*Pictured (above) the NWRRC and Criw Colwyn runners also returned to live group gatherings last Thursday night on Llandudno promenade organised by coaches Jonathan Kettle and Tony Price-Jones.

Jonathan confirmed: 'As with the Club Runs starting again on Tuesday we also started the interval session last Wednesday on the prom. We meet near ATS at 6:30 pm, each week, and remember that everyone is welcome.

'We will put a reminder up each week but again we can only have a maximum of 30 runners per session, and still combined with Criw Colwyn, so please comment if you would like to attend so we know numbers.'

*Pictured (below) some of the members who took part in the Thursday session on Llandudno promenade for sprints and interval sessions.

Ultra-distance athlete Llinos Davies tackles Welsh Coastal Path for RNLI

Ultra-distance athlete Llinos Davies has hit the trail running again in her bid to raise much needed funds for the RNLI Mayday appeal by jointly tackling 874 miles of the Welsh Coastal Path

Llinos from Deganwy began her latest charity challenge at the weekend and intends to reach her incredible target together with fellow GOG members, by utilising a combination of swimming, running and cycling.

She confirmed: ‘I hope you'll support me in raising much needed funds for the RNLI. I am hoping to raise at least £150 myself, and fellow club members of GOG Triathlon Club are aiming to conquer the distance of the Welsh Coastal Path between now and 16th May.

‘This Charity has a place in all our hearts and minds especially in view of recent tragic events, and I'm aiming for a personal distance of 150 miles in 16 days.’

                               *Llinos Davies back on the fundraising trail

The RNLI has answered mayday calls for nearly 200 years, from families swimming on busy beaches, to dog walkers cut off by the tide. It's the most urgent plea, used by mariners when life is in immediate danger and when their lifesavers hear those words, they launch courageously into the unknown to help those who rely on their help.

This May, as summer approaches, they're the ones sending out a mayday call. As we look forward to 2021 and beyond, they know that they'll be facing the busiest summer season for the lifesavers to come. And to keep them safe, ready and knowing they can handle whatever the summer brings, they need our help.

They're counting on us to answer their call and take on the Mayday Mile. Our support will help the crew stand strong as our busiest summer season approaches.


*If anyone is able to support Llinos Davies and colleagues in their fundraising quest for the RNLI, please follow this link to donate:





Saturday, May 1, 2021

Josie begins a 100-mile charity challenge

North Wales endurance athlete Josie Davies will begin her 100-mile charity challenge this weekend to help raise funds and awareness of skin cancer.

Today (Friday) she confirmed why she has embarked on her latest gruelling task: 

She explained: 'As Captain Tom said when he sent a simple message of hope “Tomorrow will be a good day” and it will be. As tomorrow starts my 100 miles in May challenge for Melanoma Focus and SKCIN charities to raise awareness of this cruel disease which has decided to rudely upset my family on a personal scale and I’m passionate to try and do as much as I can to prevent this from happening to anybody else. 

'Good luck to all the other people who are also taking on this challenge and know to well how this cruelly effects so many people, go and smash it and make everybody aware of the importance of regularly checking your skin for any changes to moles, blemishes etc and keep covering up and not just in the beautiful weather. 

'If anybody wishes to sponsor me, I’ve set up a virginmoneygiving page and I would be forever grateful to you all and thank you to my friends who have already done so.'

😘Cancer truly sucks - Josie Davies.


UK Parkrun update – 30 April


UK Parkrun update – 30 April


As we move through the reopening process for parkrun and junior parkrun, we are publishing a UK-specific update every Friday to keep ambassadors, event teams, parkrun communities, and landowners informed on our progress. 

With significant publicity this week around the planned return of our 5k events in England on Saturday 5 June, interest in the current situation across the other home nations has increased. We are working closely with local and national stakeholders across Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, and hope soon to be in a position to announce more positive news relating to those regions soon.

As mentioned in previous updates, the countdown continues to our first Welsh junior parkrun returning on Sunday 9 May. And recent changes in respective roadmaps suggest Scotland and Northern Ireland aren’t too far behind.

Infection levels continue to fall across all of the United Kingdom (prevalence in England is now down to 1 in 1,010 people) and at the same time, the vaccination programme moves on at pace with over 34 million people now having received at least one dose of vaccine. All of this gives us great optimism that a return of parkrun events across all of the UK isn’t too far away.

5k parkrun in England

On Tuesday, we wrote to all landowners of our 5k parkrun events in England, with a request to return on Saturday 5 June. We’d urge everyone to read that letter as it contains a clear and concise justification for parkrun’s return, alongside links to the significant evidence-base behind our position, our COVID-19 Framework, and a letter of support from the Minister for Sport.

The response has been incredible, and at the time of writing this update (just 72 hours since we contacted landowners) we already have 76 events with complete landowner permission to return, a full list is available here. We really do appreciate this incredible support, and have been publicly thanking and celebrating those landowners via the parkrun UK Twitter feed.

Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 15.46.42

Unfortunately however, at a local level, we are already experiencing significant issues relating to delayed responses, unreasonable bureaucracy, and unnecessary red tape. Whilst we completely understand that landowners are under incredible pressure right now, and directors of public health are doing everything they can to keep their communities safe, it’s extremely frustrating that other businesses, activities, and sports, are simply able to return based on a nationally approved date. Yet, despite overwhelming evidence that parkrun events are amongst the safest activities people can participate in, with one of the highest benefits to public health, we are faced with challenges based on opinion rather than evidence.

If we are unable to overcome those challenges, parkrun will not be able to return in England.

It is critical that by Friday 21 May (two weeks before our planned return) we achieve permission for the large majority of our events to return. Our staff and volunteers are working incredibly hard to that effect, however there is significant work ahead of us if we are to achieve our goal.

Going forward we will be publishing regular updates relating to the number of landowners who have granted permission, and the number who haven’t. And whilst we know that some people would favour a softer more patient approach, the future of all parkrun events is at stake, and so we must do everything we can to ensure the organisation survives and that our events return.

junior parkrun

On Sunday mornings, across England, we continue to go from strength to strength. Last Sunday saw 106 junior parkrun events take place, with 8,000 children taking part and 2,500 volunteering. Another 28 will restart this coming weekend, taking the total number of live junior parkrun events in England to 134, with another 35 with restart dates over the following weeks.


Thanks so much for your continued support.

Tom Williams

Chief Operating Officer

parkrun Global


Thursday, April 29, 2021

The future of Parkrun is at stake

               The future of Parkrun is at stake

      Plea and update from Parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt

Hi Don,

Ever since the first lockdown began I have been worried about whether or not parkrun would survive. I may have started the very first event back in 2004, but parkrun is something that belongs to all of us. Every volunteer; everyone who crosses that finish line; every seasoned participant and every first timer; all those who have yet to take part: we are all custodians of parkrun, of our own local community asset.

I am writing to you today as we take an important step forward with our plans to reopen our 5k events across England. Whether or not your home event is in England, it is no exaggeration to say that the next few days and weeks will be critical for the entire parkrun movement. 

With over 3 million folk registered to almost 1,000 junior and 5k events, in normal times parkrun in England represents close to 50% of our total global participation, making it a significant part of our operations, and critical to our overall return. 

At the time of writing, despite signs of positive progress in the other home nations, we only have the opportunity to return in England, with clarity provided by the Government’s published Roadmap out of lockdown.

We will support the return of parkrun events in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales (along with events in every other territory) as soon as the situation changes and we have confirmation of when we can restart. 

As things continue to improve, and we gain clarity on the appropriateness of a return in England we must act now and embrace getting back together again, or risk losing it forever.

That’s why I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know just what is happening this week, and what it could mean for the future of parkrun.

Earlier today we wrote to the landowners of all 589 5k events in England, requesting their permission to once again hold parkrun events on their land. You can (and I would urge you to) read that letter here, where we present a detailed evidence-based rationale for why, when, and how our events should return.

Over the course of the pandemic we have sought to be as transparent as possible, to keep the community informed of exactly what is going on. We are committed to maintaining that openness, and will be providing regular updates on the status of these permission requests over the coming days and weeks.

                         *Photos of Conwy Parkrun by Steve Jeffery

The past year has been difficult for everyone and, clearly, some things have changed. In a few instances, the spaces we previously used for events have altered (some have become a temporary COVID-19 vaccine centre for example), and it would no longer be possible to hold our events in the same location. 

Where this is the case, we are working with local authorities to understand alternative options, or to continue to wait patiently for the situation to change such that we can return.

In the large majority of parkrun locations however, we are confident that parkrun events will be able to return, and we look forward to working with landowners to get those events back on Saturday 5 June.

It is essential that the vast majority of 5k events in England return at the same time because, if only some of them did, those events that did open would become overwhelmed with participants. This would, of course, create an unsafe environment which we must do everything we can to avoid.

It has been humbling to hear parkrun referred to as ‘one of the greatest public health initiatives in the history of the United Kingdom’ in the corridors of Public Health and elsewhere. But now isn’t the time for platitudes or empty gestures. We must all do everything we can to ensure that parkrun is here to be enjoyed for generations to come.

That’s why I am calling on the entire parkrun community to help support our efforts to return on Saturday 5 June. If you can influence and encourage your local landowner to confirm permission quickly, please do so. If you’d like to volunteer, let your local event know. If there is anything at all that you think that you can do to help your local team return, please get in touch with them.

I have always thought that parkrun represents the best of humanity. The positivity and togetherness, the support, the warm encouragement. The opportunity to escape, to connect with nature, to find health and happiness through regular community physical activity. 

We need all of that right now. More than ever.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021




However you do it, help keep summer safe with The Mayday Mile, and see details of NWRRC members running a special mile-relay event on Llandudno Prom on Sunday 16th May.


A Mayday is an urgent call for help. Usually, RNLI lifesavers answer mayday calls and go to rescue others. But this May, with the busiest summer season on the way, it’s they who need YOUR help.

The Mayday Mile is a way to answer their call. Cover the distance however you like. Alone or with a friend. Just once or every day for a week. In wellies or on a unicycle. It’s entirely up to you.

The RNLI has answered Mayday calls for nearly 200 years. It's the most urgent plea, used by mariners when life is in immediate danger and when their lifesavers hear those words, they launch courageously into the unknown to help those who rely on their help. 

When you do The Mayday Mile, you’re giving RNLI lifesavers what they need to rescue others, and to come home safe themselves. From first aid training to breathable kit that helps them keep their cool, there are so many vital things you could help fund.

As we look forward to the rest of this problematic year and beyond, they know they'll be facing the busiest summer season for the lifesavers to come. And to keep them safe, ready and knowing they can handle whatever the summer brings, they need our help. 

Thanks to you, we’ll be one step closer to the happy, fun and safe summer we all deserve this year. Will you go the distance? They're counting on us to answer their call and take on the Mayday Mile. 


North Wales Road Running Club members will be doing their bit to help with fundraising and expect to have several teams running a mile each and competing in a special relay event on Llandudno Promenade on Sunday 16th May at 10am.


Our support will help the crew stand strong as our busiest summer season approaches.



The Mayday Mile takes place virtually from 1-16 May 2021. You can complete your challenge at a time that suits you during these dates. But don’t worry if you can’t join us then as the challenge will be open throughout the rest of May.


Anywhere you like! Why not surprise us? In your garden, on the beach or halfway up a mountain. You can choose where you take on The Mayday Mile. 

*The only thing we ask is that you adhere to the government guidance and keep yourself safe when completing your challenge.



£25 could provide a pair of sea-going gloves to protect our lifesavers from wind-chill and rope burn.

£55 could buy a pair of sturdy, protective, non-slip boots to keep volunteers sure-footed at sea.

£100/€111 could help us bring water safety lessons to schoolchildren for the summer season.


*Further details and tips about fundraising for the RNLI can be found on the following link:




Monday, April 26, 2021

Hot pace for Martin Green in Cheshire Elite club runners return to live racing

Hot pace for Martin Green in Cheshire Elite Marathon... as club runners return to live racing

Report by Don Hale


Top North Wales athlete Martin Green had to battle with hot temperatures and stiff competition as he returned to ‘live’ racing on Sunday during the Cheshire Elite Marathon.

A tough, determined and experienced long-distance competitor, Martin was one of 275 invited high-calibre entrants who competed in one of the first few live endurance runs now permitted in England due to the partial lifting of strict pandemic restrictions for outdoor sports events.

Run over a fast and flat lapped course over rural Cheshire roads around Pulford, this race also incorporated the former Wrexham Elite Marathon, with entry only available to male athletes capable of running 2.40 or quicker for a marathon, and female athletes running a sub-3.00-hour time.

Martin matched this criteria and performed well despite the challenging conditions, and was 49th overall, recording an excellent time of 2 hours 30 mins 8 seconds. In addition, he just missed out on a medal, finishing 4th in his M45 age category but was the 1st Welsh runner.

The elite standards were maintained throughout this marathon with winner Jake Smith finishing in 2.11.00, and he was only 38-seconds ahead of 2nd placed rival Callan Moody from Serpentine RC in 2.11.38, and 3rd man Reece Edwards from Belgrave Harriers in 2.14.43.

The Ladies race was won by Aoife Cooke from Eagle AC in 2.28.36, with Maor Tiyouri  2nd in 2.29.03, and Anne-Marie Glynn 3rd in 2.29.34.

                                          *Martin Green

Martin however, had some mixed feelings about his own brave performance but praised the organisers for their sterling efforts in finally getting a major live elite run under way, and was glad to return to major racing events.

After the event, he confirmed: ‘Well, it wasn’t what I wanted, but it is what I got. There’s nothing more humbling than the marathon and today was a great example. You can start thinking you’re something special and then you dragged back and down to earth in an instant.

‘The goal was 2.27, and I was definitely in shape for it, but it was just a little too warm and I am not good in the heat. I started off OK but knew after 3-4 miles that it wasn’t going to be my day.

‘What should have felt comfortable didn’t and I just kept getting swallowed up and spat out from group after group, which does nothing for the mindset. I’ve never wanted to quit more in a race than ever before but knowing the effort the organisers have gone through and knowing how blessed we were to get the opportunity, there was no way I was stepping off.

‘Looking at the splits they are quite consistent, it’s just they are erratically consistent, if that is even a thing. Usually pacing is my greatest strength but today I just had to do what I could do, get to the finish, and live to fight another day.

‘From where I was at half-way, I’m actually rather pleased with both the result and the fact that I did stick it out. The easy option would have been to stop, but running a marathon isn’t about the easy option. It’s a tough game and you rarely get the results you either want or deserve, but despite all that, I love this game and hopefully in the autumn in cooler weather, I will be back and run quicker than ever before.

‘Last and not least, such a huge thank you to all the organisers, especially Michael Harrington, who got this over the line despite obstacle after obstacle, you made a lot of people very happy today.’

                                       *Mark Jessett claimed a new PB at Tatton Park


Record time for Mark in Tatton Park half-marathon


NWRRC athletes Mark Jessett and Rory Middleton also enjoyed their first ‘live’ race for many months as they competed in the Run Tatton (Park) half-marathon last Sunday, and Mark even celebrated with a magnificent personal best (PB) time.

Mark just dipped under his 80-minute target time, recording 1 hour 19 mins 40 secs in 45th place overall, and he was 14th in his V35 age cat. His colleague Rory also ran well in the warm Cheshire sunshine to finish 74th overall and he was 32nd in the tough senior man age category in 1.23.14.

The race recorded over 900 finishers with James Scott-Farrington 1st in 1.07.20, with 2nd Tim Raynes 1.07.41, and 3rdIan McBride 1.10.41.

                                          *Rory Middleton ran well at the half marathon

Helen celebrated virtual London Marathon charity debut

*Helen Hannam completed a successful charity marathon

 Helen celebrated virtual London Marathon charity debut

Report by Don Hale

North Wales Road Runner Helen Hannam celebrated her marathon debut in style last Saturday in what she described as the ‘hardest day of her life,’ bravely running 26.2 miles for charity in the virtual London Marathon.

Helen had hoped to run her first race at this distance around the streets of the capital but due to Covid-19 restrictions, she had to plod the roads and cycle routes around her Llandudno home, backed at times by the generous support of several club members.

Facing warm and breezy conditions, together with a challenging route from Abergele, and running via Colwyn Bay, Penrhyn Bay, West Shore, Llandudno Junction before eventually finishing on Llandudno Promenade, the popular athlete finally completed her arduous task in 5 hours 36 seconds.

Helen particularly praised the backing of colleagues Marina Abed, Nicola Wylie Davies, Llinos Davies, Ell Jay, Zoe and Steven Roberts, Rachel Morris, and others, who each took turns to accompany her at various sections along the route.

As she finally crossed the finishing line, Helen proudly confirmed: ‘OMG, that was the hardest day of my life! I won’t lie, that was tough! I set off far too fast and almost collapsed. I wanted to give up at 21 miles, so I had to have a conversation with myself. My amazing running partners spurred me on, and I walked a few miles and ran the final mile.

‘My thanks to all of them for their support. It was much appreciated and needed, especially the last 5 miles when I thought I was going to die. I am really pleased with, and thanks to everyone who supported me along the way, and to my husband Lee for taking some photos. Now it’s time to bathe in wine!’

Helen used her run to help raise money for Cancer Research UK. She explained: ‘I am fundraising for this charity as my step-dad died from cancer, and that was how I first got into running, when my mother and I did Race 4 Life the year after he passed away.’

*If anyone is able to donate anything towards Helen’s fundraising quest for CANCER RESEARCH UK, please click on this link:




Thursday, April 22, 2021

Martin gets Green light for Cheshire Elite Marathon

                                         *Martin Green set for elite marathon action

Martin gets Green light for Cheshire Elite Marathon

Reports by Don Hale

North Wales marathon runner Martin Green will be competing in his first ‘live’ marathon race for over six months this weekend during the Cheshire Elite Marathon events.

This particular run, formerly part of the Wrexham Elite Marathon, was first devised last Spring when it became clear that some large city marathons and half marathons may not happen due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The 7.59 lap race is open to male athletes capable of running 2:40 or quicker for a marathon and female athletes capable of running a sub 3:00 hour marathon, or the elite half-marathon equivalent (1:15 men and 1:30 women).

Martin, who has previously won many prestigious road and marathon titles, easily met the elite criteria, and has been training hard for this race throughout lockdown, said he is really looking forward to this weekend’s race.

He confirmed: ‘I am running in the former Wrexham Elite Marathon on Sunday, although it’s now been moved across the border to Pulford, Cheshire, where I think it’s running alongside a half-marathon too. I can’t wait, and it’s been six-months to the day since my last, but the weather looks pretty much perfect, so no excuses.’

The race will also incorporate a new and officially measured (World Athletics accredited) fast course in Pulford, and includes flat, and well-maintained roads, in a predominantly rural area.

The event has been planned in preparation for a return to COVID-19 safe road running and goes ahead due to final approval of UKA, Welsh Athletics, and the local authority.

The marathon and half marathon will start on Old Lane Pulford with runners expected to set off in waves depending upon their predicted finish times, unless the situation allows for a return to normal race starts.

The half marathon will finish along Wrexham Road and the full marathon will finish on Straight Mile, approximately 200 metres from the junction with Wrexham Road. The race is also fully supported with a road closure, and the most up to date integrated chip-timing, with free to download photographs, course nutrition, and free designated parking.


Virtual London Marathon charity debut for Helen


Fellow North Wales Road Runner Helen Hannam will be making her marathon debut this Sunday in the virtual London Marathon. Helen has also been steadily building up the miles and will be running to help raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

Helen explained: ‘I am fundraising for this charity as my step-dad died from cancer, and that was how I first got into running, when my mother and I did Race 4 Life the year after he passed away.

‘I am running this time to Abergele and back through Mochdre Junction and Deganwy before finishing on North Shore prom. I will have several ladies from NWRRC in support and many have offered to run with me for part of the journey, so I will only be on my own for a mile or so, here and there.

‘I have been totally overwhelmed by all the support I have received so far, and I am planning to run at an average 11 minute-mile pace to finish under 5-hours. I am quite looking forward to it now.’

*If you are able to donate anything towards Helen’s fundraising quest for CANCER RESEARCH UK, please click on this link:

                                    *Helen Hannam ready to make her marathon debut this weekend

Mia completes 5k charity dash


Teenager NWRRC runner Mia Morris took part in the Hare & the Tortoise 5k virtual charity race earlier this week, which helped to raise funds for local charities in the Stoke and Stafford region, with some associated with former Manchester United star Lou Macari and the House of Bread fundraising centre. Mia ran well despite enduring a long day back at school, on a course close to her home in Conwy. She completed her run in 27 mins 19 secs.

                                *Mia Morris competed in a 5k charity race this week


Ultra-distance stars prepare for new challenges


Ultra-distance athlete Josie Davies has set herself a unique double-date in the next month or so, and will be taking part in the Wales Coastal Path 870-mile challenge, which is a virtual walk/run event, in addition to the 50-mile GB Ultra-Appalachian Trail Challenge.

                                           *Josie Davies


Several multi-distance events for Llinos


And another ultra-endurance star is GOG member Llinos Davies, who is also taking on the Wales Coastal Path challenge alongside colleagues Ceri Hughes, Megan New, and a few other local runners and cyclists.

She explained: ‘We started this Welsh Coastal Path virtual challenge in January. It is 870 miles in total, and whatever distance we have run or walked, we just log it, and it clocks it against the map of Wales, showing where we would have got to. And since 9th January, I have logged almost 700 miles.

Llinos added however, that she has missed the company of others during this pandemic period and faced cancellation to her expected races in the Harlech Triathlon, and Gold rush events, but managed to run the virtual Kidsgrove 10k race earlier this year.

And in stark contrast to her triathlon events and ultra-runs Llinos will also be running in the RNLI May Bank Holiday one-mile event together with other club athletes. 

At present her precise route is still undecided and she says it could be along the prom at Llandudno, or from Llandudno to Conwy. In addition to this run, Llinos is additionally planning a cycle ride from Llandudno RNLI to Beaumaris RNLI the week prior to her run.

And her ambitions for the rest of the year don’t end there, for she already pencilled in the Tour de Mon Mawr 103-mile bike ride during August, and the Tough Mudder race in September, plus the Eyri Marathon in October.

                                 *Llinos Davies busy tackling several multi-distance events.

Final plans for ‘live’ Nick Beer 10k race around the Great Orme

 *(Pictured above) Flashback to the start of a previous Nick Beer 10k

Final plans for ‘live’ Nick Beer 10k race around the Great Orme - report by Don Hale.

John and Kay Hatton, the race directors of the annual Nick Beer 10k race in Llandudno, remain confident this year’s event will go ahead as planned, and as a much anticipated ‘live’ run in July.

John confirmed this week: ‘Kay and I have just attended a meeting with the SAG group (Safety Advisory Group) with Conwy Council. The meeting went extremely well, with only a few updates to our issued documentation. 

‘There were no issues on what we have proposed. We will now have to push the Welsh Assembly, and Welsh Athletics for the race to become a trial event.’

This popular annual event always attracts many hundreds of runners of mixed ages and abilities from across the UK, and beyond, to enjoy the scenic splendours of a hilly but picturesque course around the Great Orme. 

Starting and finishing on Llandudno promenade, opposite the Imperial Hotel at 12-noon, this will be the 29th annual run to help commemorate the life of a well-known former local athlete, Nick Beer, who sadly passed away in 1992, aged just 27, after eventually losing his battle with hydrocephalus.

Race officials John and Kay, who represent the event organisers North Wales Road Runners (NWRRC), have supervised this major 10k run for over twenty-years, and remain highly optimistic that current Welsh Covid-19 outdoor sporting restrictions will be lifted in sufficient time to permit runners to celebrate a genuine ‘live’ race following a succession of virtual events.

John explained that athletes will also be able to collect the second part of a unique three-medal set on completing this exciting 10k run, with an option to secure the third and final medal next year for the 30th anniversary.

He additionally provided some interesting background to the origin of this race and explained: ‘Nick joined NWRRC from Colwyn Bay AC, and his smile soon made lots of friends. He was there at every race. He tried and tried until his improvements staggered us all, and you could always rely on that smile at the finishing post.

‘We all need occasional laughter to make us feel good, and Nick provided that in abundance. His presence was welcome, pervasive, selflessly giving, and never asking the price. Nick was living with hydrocephalus and passed away after finishing the Lake Vyrnwy half-marathon race in September 1992.

‘Maybe when we run his race each year, it will remind us of the importance and positive results that trying hard and participating can bring. Nick Beer was a true son of the sporting ethic, who left us with a wealth of fond memories, and a legacy of inspiration.’

*Entries are now open for the Nick Beer 10k Memorial road race on Sunday 18th July 2021, with a 12-noon start. Entry details and further information, including the exact location of the race are available online:

*The cost of entry is £15 affiliated, and £17 non-affiliated. On the day it will be £16 affiliated and £18 non-affiliated. If you enter after midnight on Thursday July 8th, you will need to collect your number on race day from one of the gazebo/tents on Llandudno promenade between 9.30 and 11.30 am. 

Online entries will close at midnight on Thursday 15th July. Limited entries will be available on race day at registration between 9.30 and 11.30 am.Conwy County Council are also supporting the event. *Contacts: E-mail: *






Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Gold and silver podium places for North Wales runners in Welsh 10k virtual championships

*NWRRC club chairman Kevin Slattery (pictured above) won gold again

Gold and silver podium places for North Wales runners in Welsh 10k virtual championships

Report by Don Hale. Most photographs by Steve Jeffery.

Five North Wales Road Runners competed in the Welsh Athletics Spring virtual 10k championships last weekend, with three members claiming podium places, and gold and silver medal positions.

The high standard of the 10k event was confirmed by the incredible finishing times and number of quality athletes taking part. 1st place overall went to U17M athlete Louis Lermite (Run Free Fell Runners) in an amazing time of 33 mins 26 secs, with 2nd Daniel James, the 1st M40 age cat winner (Run4All Neath RC) in 35.11, and 3rd place went to Ifan Lloyd (Swansea Harriers), who was also the 1st M60 vet in 35.46. And Amie Bagnall from Prestatyn was the 1st Lady finisher and 1st SW in 37.00.

Some 248 entrants set a hot pace in this Covid-19 restricted individual race, with Masters’ veteran Kevin Slattery again showing a clean pair of heels to easily win his M65 age category in a remarkable time of just 45 mins 48 secs in 38th place overall.

Kevin has excelled in all his virtual challenge events and claimed another consecutive golden age victory. And it was the same one-two in this section with fellow M65 vet Don Hale again claiming the silver spot in 2nd place in 64th place in 50.26.

*Kay Hatton (above) and Don Hale (below) both won silver at the 10k Welsh champs

Kay Hatton continued with her own purple patch and finished 2nd W55 in 53rd place in a very good time of 48.47. And local postman Kevin Higgins, who was making a rare appearance in these virtual events, delivered again, finishing in 68th position and was 4th in his M55 age cat; with Helen Hannam, still recovering from her recent long-distance marathon preparations, finishing in 75th place, in a very respectable time of 51.46.

*Local postman Kevin Higgins delivered another great result (above) and Helen Hannam (below) also ran a great race in the Welsh virtual championships last weekend.

*In the junior 5k race, teenager Mia Morris continued to impress with another dazzling display for Colwyn Bay AC, finishing 4th U15G and 24th overall in 25 mins 5 secs.

*Mia Morris continued to impress in her 5k Welsh championship challenge

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North Wales Road Runners returned to live group activities last Tuesday evening as they once again enjoyed active training sessions at West ...

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